SOULDACITY a Jazz-Soul-Funk Fusion Quartet…creating a sound that tingles the musical senses of anyone who loves music! Darrin Lamont Byrd (vocals) and Boris Netsvetaev (keyboards) met at König der Löwen in 2012 and started doing music events together. Soon Boris introduced Darrin to Kai Bussenius (drums) and Phil Steen (bass)and a collaboration was born. SOUL-AUDACITY combined to mean the boldness of soul, is where the name comes from. Souldacity aims to reinvent old classics while writing new songs to our own unique style of doing music. We are a Band for hire which continues to push the boundaries of Art & Music. Our musical tastes vary deep and wide from Miles Davis to Chic Corea and not forgetting Al Jarreau and adding Bill Withers to the mix.

Our demo cd is available now!